The following are the terms of the agreement referred to as a company and the buyer of goods or services through the company’s website.


Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this online agreement with respect to the goods, services and information provided by or through the website. This constitutes the entire and only agreement between the company and buyer and also supersedes all prior representations, warranties with respect to the goods, services and information provided by the site and the subject matter of this agreement. Buyer agrees to review this agreement prior to purchasing anything and purchase of a product shall be deemed acceptance of this agreement.


The use of any trademarks without our express written consent is strictly prohibited. Everything you see on our website is protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property owned, controlled or licensed by or any of its affiliates.

All vendors, customers and itself are mandated to comply with this policy to avoid dubious dealings in counterfeits or substandard/poor quality products or currencies at all times and a heavy penalty will be considered in accordance to the existing laws of Uganda.

Such a customer or vendor who does so will be blacklisted immediately to avoid any further damages that may be caused. Other actions of recourse will include but not limited to deactivation of accounts, termination of contracts, and levy of fines. will as such take appropriate legal actions depending on the circumstances.


Any purchased product should be checked critically and if any defect is found or if it’s not to the buyer’s satisfaction, the product can be returned at the moment of receipt. By signing an acknowledgement of receipt of the product, the purchaser irrevocably agrees not to return the product purchased. For the avoidance of doubt, the product checking is only done at the office.

It is therefore critical that the purchaser comes for his product in person and if not with a person holding his/her legitimate powers of attorney. attempts to be as accurate as possible. However, the company does not warrant those product descriptions or other contents on the site are accurate, complete, and reliable.

Customer should ensure that he/she signs a refund ship receipt for confirmation that the cost of the product has been refunded.

Send email to inform ( or call on our helpline which appears on top of our website.

Please note that all refunds are availed within (7) working days after the day of request.

PAYMENT POLICY includes different payment options and they include the use of mobile money, Airtel money, bank transfer (debit and credit card), and cash on delivery.

All payments to the seller shall be made in Ugandan shillings.

The seller must enter their exact and up to date bank information in the ‘My Account page’.

Invoices: the seller has to provide an invoice for the customer when providing to the product to be delivered to the customer or when delivering himself.