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Baby cloth diapers

UGX40,300 UGX35,000
Waterproof and breathable TPU outer Super soft and stay dry suede cloth inner protects baby from moisture. It's convenient for mammy to carry baby while taking a walk or doing chores.

Baby motor car

UGX170,000 UGX165,000
It's fun to watch your baby hop on to their very own ride on toys and have a good based on your child's age.

Baby potty

UGX71,000 UGX65,000
This small mini potty totally makes it possible for the shorties to ?do it myself? and be potty independent with less resistance and tantrums.

Baby push chair

UGX190,000 UGX150,000
A pushchair is a small chair on wheels, in which a baby or small child can sit and be wheeled around.

Baby washable diapers

UGX40,000 UGX35,000
Waterproof Strong Breathable absorbent material.

Bottle brush

UGX65,000 UGX50,000
Tackle bottle cleaning with ease when you have the Baby Bottle Brush 3-Pack.This beautifully designed baby bottle brushes include a sponge tip for extra cleaning power along with nylon bristles to scrub away any debris.

Feeding bottle(a set)

UGX91,000 UGX89,000
A feeding bottle is a plastic bottle with a special rubber top through which a baby can suck milk or other liquids.

Infant cradle bed

UGX58,000 UGX55,000
This is a beautiful baby cot/bed ideal for your baby's comfort. It comes with a soft and well padded natural fibres to gurantee your baby's comfort. It comes with tyres to allow you move your baby comfortably and a mosiquito net to protect your baby from insects and also a rocking bed.

Orthodontic baby teat

UGX35,400 UGX26,000
Textured for breast-like feeding oft silicone material. Encourage a natural suckling action four flow variants available

Portable folding bed

UGX75,000 UGX70,000
It is durable and of high standard from a reputable brand known for quality and durable products for years. it is a trusted brand name. Easy to fold , set and adjust. buy this trusted brand.

Support sofa seat

UGX350,700 UGX300,000
Help babies fast learn to sit Provide infants with a safe and comfortable seating chair.