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Djack 503 wireless home theater

UGX178,000 UGX170,000

Djack 903L 6.5″ WOOFER 3.1 SERIES BLACK

UGX180,000 UGX170,000

Jerry Power JR-F5 Home theater soundbar Speakers

UGX490,000 UGX320,000
Product features: 1.Feature-rich, a variety of sound patterns: Rock, Classic, Bass, Live, Normal. 2.Internally installed IC .

LG Home Theatre 427

UGX700,000 UGX620,000
5.1 Channel Real Surround Sound. Enjoy high-quality surround sound from 5.1 audio channel to enhance watching experience of your favorite content.Powerful Bass Sound. Experience powerful bass through specially tuned sound matrix from LG. ...Wireless Bluetooth Audio Streaming.

LG Home Theatre 627

UGX1,100,000 UGX900,000
Type: Home Theater, USB: 1,FM Tuner Support: Yes, DVD Playback: DVD-R / DVD+R, Number of Channels: 5.1 Channel, Dolby Digital: Yes, Audio Output Power: 1000 Watts and HDMI Out: 1.

LG Home Theatre 647

UGX1,350,000 UGX1,200,000
Ideal Digital sound clear system for a cool home and comes with CH 5.1 POWER OUTPUT - Total 1000W, THD 10% - Front L/R 167WX2 (3?:sat/3?:subwoofer) - Center 167W, (3?:sat/3?:subwoofer) - Surround L/R 167WX2 (3?:sat/3?:subwoofer) - Sub-Woofer 167W(Passive)

LG Home Theatre 657

UGX1,510,000 UGX1,300,000
Channel 5.1 Watts 1,000 watts RMS, Front Speakers A classic sound system and comes with L/R 167Wx2(3?) Center Speaker 167W(3?), Surround L/R 167Wx2(3?) Sub-Woofer 167W(3?